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Using commitizen cli


In your terminal run cz commit or the shortcut cz c to generate a guided git commit.

You can run cz commit --write-message-to-file COMMIT_MSG_FILE to additionally save the generated message to a file. This can be combined with the --dry-run flag to only write the message to a file and not modify files and create a commit. A possible use case for this is to automatically prepare a commit message.


To maintain platform compatibility, the commit command disable ANSI escaping in its output. In particular pre-commit hooks coloring will be deactivated as discussed in commitizen-tools/commitizen#417.

git options

git command options that are not implemented by commitizen can be use via the -- syntax for the commit command. The syntax separates commitizen arguments from git commit arguments by a double dash. This is the resulting syntax:

cz commit <commitizen-args> -- <git-cli-args>

# e.g., cz commit --dry-run -- -a -S
For example, using the -S option on git commit to sign a commit is now commitizen compatible: cz c -- -S


Deprecation warning: A commit can be signed off using cz commit --signoff or the shortcut cz commit -s. This syntax is now deprecated in favor of the new cz commit -- -s syntax.