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Getting Started

Initialize commitizen

If it's your first time, you'll need to create a commitizen configuration file.

The assistant utility will help you set up everything

cz init

Alternatively, create a file .cz.toml or cz.toml in your project's directory.

version = "0.1.0"
update_changelog_on_bump = true


Bump version

cz bump

This command will bump your project's version, and it will create a tag.

Because of the setting update_changelog_on_bump, bump will also create the changelog. You can also update files. You can configure the version scheme and version provider.

There are many more options available, please read the docs for the bump command.


Run in your terminal

cz commit

or the shortcut

cz c

Sign off the commit

Run in the terminal

cz commit --signoff

or the shortcut

cz commit -s

Get project version

Running cz version will return the version of commitizen, but if you want your project's version you can run:

cz version -p

This can be useful in many situations, where otherwise, you would require a way to parse the version of your project. Maybe it's simple if you use a VERSION file, but once you start working with many different projects, it becomes tricky.

A common example is, when you need to send to slack, the changes for the version that you just created:

cz changelog --dry-run "$(cz version -p)"

Integration with Pre-commit

Commitizen can lint your commit message for you with cz check.

You can integrate this in your pre-commit config with:

  - repo:
    rev: master
      - id: commitizen
      - id: commitizen-branch
        stages: [push]

After the configuration is added, you'll need to run:

pre-commit install --hook-type commit-msg --hook-type pre-push

If you aren't using both hooks, you needn't install both stages.

Hook Recommended Stage
commitizen commit-msg
commitizen-branch pre-push

Note that pre-commit discourages using master as a revision, and the above command will print a warning. You should replace the master revision with the latest tag. This can be done automatically with:

pre-commit autoupdate

Read more about the check command here.