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Contributing to commitizen

First of all, thank you for taking the time to contribute! 🎉

When contributing to commitizen, please first create an issue to discuss the change you wish to make before making a change.

If you're a first-time contributor, you can check the issues with good first issue tag.

Install before contributing

  1. Install poetry, installation pages
  2. Install gpg, installation pages. For Mac users, you could try homebrew.

Before making a pull request

  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Clone the repository from your GitHub.
  3. Setup development environment through poetry (poetry install).
  4. Setup pre-commit hook (poetry run pre-commit install -t pre-commit -t pre-push -t commit-msg)
  5. Check out a new branch and add your modification.
  6. Add test cases for all your changes. (We use CodeCov to ensure our test coverage does not drop.)
  7. Use commitizen to do git commit. We follow conventional commmits
  8. Run ./scripts/format and ./scripts/test to ensure you follow the coding style and the tests pass.
  9. Update Do not update the, it will be automatically created after merging to master.
  10. If your changes are about documentation. Run poetry run mkdocs serve to serve documentation locally and check whether there is any warning or error.
  11. Send a pull request 🙏