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Using commitizen cli



Commitizen is a tool designed for teams.

Its main purpose is to define a standard way of committing rules and communicating it (using the cli provided by commitizen).

The reasoning behind it is that it is easier to read, and enforces writing descriptive commits.

Besides that, having a convention on your commits makes it possible to parse them and use them for something else, like generating automatically the version or a changelog.

Commitizen features


Python 3.6+



Global installation

sudo pip3 install -U Commitizen

Python project

You can add it to your local project using one of these:

pip install -U commitizen

for Poetry >= 1.2.0:

poetry add commitizen --group dev

for Poetry < 1.2.0:

poetry add commitizen --dev


On macOS, it can also be installed via homebrew:

brew install commitizen



Run in your terminal

cz commit

or the shortcut

cz c

Sign off the commit

Run in the terminal

cz commit --signoff

or the shortcut

cz commit -s

Integrating with Pre-commit

Commitizen can lint your commit message for you with cz check.

You can integrate this in your pre-commit config with:

  - repo:
    rev: master
      - id: commitizen
      - id: commitizen-branch
        stages: [push]

After the configuration is added, you'll need to run:

pre-commit install --hook-type commit-msg --hook-type pre-push

If you aren't using both hooks, you needn't install both stages.

Hook Recommended Stage
commitizen commit-msg
commitizen-branch pre-push

Note that pre-commit discourages using master as a revision, and the above command will print a warning. You should replace the master revision with the latest tag. This can be done automatically with:

pre-commit autoupdate

Read more about the check command here.


$ cz --help
usage: cz [-h] [--debug] [-n NAME] [-nr NO_RAISE] {init,commit,c,ls,example,info,schema,bump,changelog,ch,check,version} ...

Commitizen is a cli tool to generate conventional commits.
For more information about the topic go to

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --debug               use debug mode
  -n NAME, --name NAME  use the given commitizen (default: cz_conventional_commits)
  -nr NO_RAISE, --no-raise NO_RAISE
                        comma separated error codes that won't rise error, e.g: cz -nr 1,2,3 bump. See codes at https://commitizen-

    init                init commitizen configuration
    commit (c)          create new commit
    ls                  show available commitizens
    example             show commit example
    info                show information about the cz
    schema              show commit schema
    bump                bump semantic version based on the git log
    changelog (ch)      generate changelog (note that it will overwrite existing file)
    check               validates that a commit message matches the commitizen schema
    version             get the version of the installed commitizen or the current project (default: installed commitizen)

Setting up bash completion

When using bash as your shell (limited support for zsh, fish, and tcsh is available), Commitizen can use argcomplete for auto-completion. For this argcomplete needs to be enabled.

argcomplete is installed when you install Commitizen since it's a dependency.

If Commitizen is installed globally, global activation can be executed:

sudo activate-global-python-argcomplete

For permanent (but not global) Commitizen activation, use:

register-python-argcomplete cz >> ~/.bashrc

For one-time activation of argcomplete for Commitizen only, use:

eval "$(register-python-argcomplete cz)"

For further information on activation, please visit the argcomplete website.