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Exit Codes

Commitizen handles expected exceptions through CommitizenException and returns different exit codes for different situations. They could be useful if you want to ignore specific errors in your pipeline.

These exit codes can be found in commitizen/

Exception Exit Code Description
ExpectedExit 0 Expected exit
DryRunExit 0 Exit due to passing --dry-run option
NoCommitizenFoundException 1 Using a cz (e.g., cz_jira) that cannot be found in your system
NotAGitProjectError 2 Not in a git project
NoCommitsFoundError 3 No commit found
NoVersionSpecifiedError 4 Version can not be found in configuration file
NoPatternMapError 5 bump / changelog pattern or map can not be found in configuration file
BumpCommitFailedError 6 Commit error when bumping version
BumpTagFailedError 7 Tag error when bumping version
NoAnswersError 8 No user response given
CommitError 9 git commit error
NoCommitBackupError 10 Commit back up file cannot be found
NothingToCommitError 11 Nothing in staging to be committed
CustomError 12 CzException raised
NoCommandFoundError 13 No command found when running commitizen cli (e.g., cz --debug)
InvalidCommitMessageError 14 The commit message does not pass cz check
MissingConfigError 15 Configuration missed for cz_customize
NoRevisionError 16 No revision found
CurrentVersionNotFoundError 17 current version cannot be found in version_files
InvalidCommandArgumentError 18 The argument provide to command is invalid (e.g. cz check -commit-msg-file filename --rev-range master..)
InvalidConfigurationError 19 An error was found in the Commitizen Configuration, such as duplicates in change_type_order
NotAllowed 20 --incremental cannot be combined with a rev_range
NoneIncrementExit 21 The commits found are not eligible to be bumped
CharacterSetDecodeError 22 The character encoding of the command output could not be determined
GitCommandError 23 Unexpected failure while calling a git command
InvalidManualVersion 24 Manually provided version is invalid
InitFailedError 25 Failed to initialize pre-commit
RunHookError 26 An error occurred during a hook execution
VersionProviderUnknown 27 version_provider setting is set to an unknown version provider identifier
VersionSchemeUnknown 28 version_scheme setting is set to an unknown version scheme identifier
ChangelogFormatUnknown 29 changelog_format setting is set to an unknown version scheme identifier or could not be guessed