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Third-Party Commitizen Templates

Third-Party Commitizen Templates

In addition to the native templates, some alternative commit format templates are available as PyPI packages (installable with pip).

Conventional JIRA

Just like conventional commit format, but the scope has been restricted to a JIRA issue format, i.e. project-issueNumber. This standardises scopes in a meaningful way.


pip install conventional-JIRA

GitHub JIRA Conventional

This plugin extends the commitizen tools by: - requiring a JIRA issue id in the commit message - creating links to GitHub commits in the - creating links to JIRA issues in the


pip install cz-github-jira-conventional

For installation instructions (configuration and pre-commit) please visit


conventional commit format, but with emojis


pip install cz-emoji


cz --name cz_emoji commit


conventional commits, but with gitmojis.

Includes a pre-commit hook that automatically adds the correct gitmoji to the commit message based on the conventional type.


pip install cz-conventional-gitmoji


cz --name cz_gitmoji commit

Commitizen emoji (Unmaintained)

Just like conventional commit format, but with emojis and optionally time spent and related tasks.

It can be installed with pip install commitizen-emoji.

Usage: cz --name cz_commitizen_emoji commit.

Conventional Legacy (cz_legacy)

An extension of the conventional commit format to include user-specified legacy change types in the CHANGELOG while preventing the legacy change types from being used in new commit messages

cz_legacy can be installed with pip install cz_legacy

See the README for instructions on configuration