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This feature checks whether the commit message follows the given committing rules. If you want to setup an automatic check before every git commit, please refer to Automatically check message before commit.


There are three arguments that you can use one of them to check commit message.

Git Rev Range

If you'd like to check a commit's message after it has already been created, then you can specify the range of commits to check with --rev-range REV_RANGE.

$ cz check --rev-range REV_RANGE

For example, if you'd like to check all commits on a branch, you can use --rev-range master..HEAD. Or, if you'd like to check all commits starting from when you first implemented commit message linting, you can use --rev-range <first_commit_sha>..HEAD.

For more info on how git commit ranges work, you can check the git documentation.

Commit Message

There are two ways you can provide your plain message and check it.

Method 1: use -m or --message

$ cz check --message MESSAGE

In this option, MESSAGE is the commit message to be checked.

Method 2: use pipe to pipe it to cz check

$ echo MESSAGE | cz check

In this option, MESSAGE is piped to cz check and would be checked.

Commit Message File

$ cz check --commit-msg-file COMMIT_MSG_FILE

In this option, COMMIT_MSG_FILE is the path of the temporal file that contains the commit message. This argument can be useful when cooperating with git hook, please check Automatically check message before commit for more information about how to use this argument with git hook.