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Automatically check message before commit


To automatically check a commit message prior to committing, you can use a git hook.

How to

There are two common methods for installing the hook:

Method 1: Add git hook through pre-commit

python -m pip install pre-commit
  • Step 2: Create .pre-commit-config.yaml at your root directory with the following content
  - repo:
    rev: v1.17.0
      - id: commitizen
  • Step 3: Install the configuration into git hook through pre-commit
pre-commit install --hook-type commit-msg

Method 2: Manually add git hook

The command might be included inside of a Git hook (inside of .git/hooks/ at the root of the project).

The selected hook might be the file called commit-msg.

This example shows how to use the check command inside of commit-msg.

At the root of the project:

cd .git/hooks
touch commit-msg
chmod +x commit-msg

Open the file and edit it:

cz check --allow-abort --commit-msg-file $MSG_FILE

Where $1 is the name of the temporary file that contains the current commit message. To be more explicit, the previous variable is stored in another variable called $MSG_FILE, for didactic purposes.

The --commit-msg-file flag is required, not optional.

Each time you create a commit, automatically, this hook will analyze it. If the commit message is invalid, it'll be rejected.

The commit should follow the given committing rules; otherwise, it won't be accepted.